FREE* Convention Recording Service
(we may even pay you royalties)

We have been recording conventions, seminars and corporate videos since 1982 and are interested in recording your upcoming event. We would like to explore the possibility of recording this event for you at no charge.

*We receive our income from sales of recordings to the attendees of the event, and later by mail orders and internet sales. We prepare an appropriate order form in each case for ease of ordering. Once a profit is made we will pay you a percentage of those profits.  The amount of sales necessary to be profitable is always estimated/calculated upfront and a report of the sales will be provided to you within 90 days of the event.

For this reason the free recording service is only utilized on recordings that are predicted to have a high degree of success. We have been paying the International Association for Orthodontics royalties since 1994. These recordings are located in a different city each year, so location is not a problem.

This service can be a valuable asset for your members. Our affordable recordings allow them to keep a recorded copy of the events that they attend. Also, when concurrent sessions make it impossible to attend simultaneous meetings, members benefit from the availability of recordings they were unable to attend.

You can visit for a sample of the orthodontic sales forms. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services, and thank you for considering us for your recording needs.

Convention Recordings