2016 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Tucson, Arizona - April 2016

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IAO 2016 Annual Meeting - Full DVD Set                   Price: $799


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1. Dr. Prof. Timothy Bromage & Dr. Steve A. Galella: Does the Biology of Facial Growth Have Any Impact on Your Clinical Results for Your Family of Patients?”"

Price: $209


2. Dr. Kenneth Lau, Dr. Edmund Liem and Mr. Nelson Mark:

"The Easy Way to Submit IBO Cases: Online Submission with Caseworx Software”

Price: $89


3. Dr. William M. Hang:
AIRWAY-kening Orthodontics for All Ages”
Price: $209


4. Dr. Marc Saadia:
Early Management of Dental and Skeletal Class II Problems in Children: Communicating with the New Generation” (SP)
Price: $119


5. Dr. Mike Lowry:
How Your Team Makes a Successful Orthodontic Treatment Practice”
Price: $119


6. Dr. Cary Fraser & Dr. Jonathan Low "A Total Team Approach
to Complete Clinical Diagnosis and Appliance Adjustment”

Price: $119


7. Instructors Institute Lecture Series:

Dr. Stephen Deal  - "The Importance of the "Big 3": Nasal Breathing, Lip Seal, and No Aberrant Tongue Habits, on Growth, Health, and Stability"

Dr. Dharmesh Parbhoo
- "Pediatric OSA -
Curing OSA with Facial Growth Appliances

Dr. Bobbi Stanley
- "Facial Harmony with Orthodontic Growth"
Price: $119


8. Dr. Mark Paschen:  How to Have More Fun at Work”
Price: $119