2015 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Austin, Texas - March 2015

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IAO 2015 Annual Meeting - Full DVD Set                   Price: $699


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1. Dr. Derek Mahony:
When is there a Need to Extract in Ortho. Treatment Planning?"           Price: $199


2. Dr. Ben Miraglia: Propel - Accelerated Orthodontics with
Micro Osteoperforations”
                                                                                          Price: $79


3. Dr. Cary Fraser and Dr. Kenneth Lee:                                                               
Orthodontics Today - More Than Just Straightening Teeth”                     Price: $109


4. Dr. Terrance Spahl:The Three Kings of FJO Treatment”                           Price: $109


5. Dr. Edmund Liem, Dr. Kenneth Lau and Mr. Nelson Mark: “The Easy Way to Submit IBO Cases: Online Submission with CASEWORX Software”             Price: $109


6. Dr. William Buckley: Cephalometric Tracing, Bolton Analysis,
Arch Length Discrepancy”      
                                                                              Price: $199


7. Dr. Skip Truitt: Orthodontics & the T.M.J.s - Protect Your Practice”         Price: $99


8. Mr. Paul Gange: Bonding All Types of Orthodontic Appliances          
w/ Current Materials and Techniques”
                                                              Price: $189


9. Dr. Maridin C. Munda-Lacson & Dr. Gamaliel Urbi:
"Strategies of Successful Finished Cases - How to Hit the Bull's Eye! & Myofunctional Orthodontics - Going Beyond Just Treating Malocclusion”                           
Price: $99


10. Dr. Marc Ackerman: Practical Lessons About Early Orthodontic Treatment
 of Dental Problems”
                                                                                            Price: $199


11. Dr. Larry White:
Half of What You Know About Orthodontics is Wrong"                               Price: $199


12. Ms. Gina Noakes: Class II and Class III Cases from Start to Finish”     Price: $109


13. Dr. Alvin Cardona The Connection Between Orthopedics and Orthodontics with Orofacial Pain, Temporomandibular Dysfunction and Sleep Apnea"
(La Conexión de la Ortopedia y Ortodoncia con Dolores Orofaciales, Disfunción Temporomandibular y Apnea del Sueño) (sp)
                                                    Price: $79


14. Ms. Terra Watson-Smyth:Identifying and Screening your Pediatric and
Adult Sleep Apnea Patients”
                                                                                   Price: $99