2014 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Kissimmee, Florida - March 2014

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IAO 2014 Annual Meeting - Full DVD Set                   Price: $699


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1. Dr. George Freedman: "The Ortho-Esthetic Continuum"                         Price: $189


2. Dr. Edmund Liem & Dr. Adrian Palencar:                                                         Price: $79
"The Road to Your IBO Diplomate"    


3. Dr. Jack Pechersky: "Interceptive Orthodontics"                                       Price: $189


4. Dr. Elliot Moskowitz:                                                                                               Price: $109

“Making Early Treatment More Perfect in an Imperfect World”


5. Dr. Mike Lowry: “A Staff Member's Role in Successful Orthodontics”    Price: $189


6. Dr. Bernardo "CoCo" Garcia:                                                                               Price: $99

"Early Treatment of Class III and Adults"           


7. Dr. Brendan Stack: "TMJ From Start to Finish:                                                Price: $189
Including the Treatment of Complex TMD Problems”                                                 


8. Dr. Kuniaki Miyajima:                                                                                           Price: $189
"Application of TAD to Tip-Edge Treatment and Corticotomy for the Best Results"


9. Dr. J.W. “Skip” Truitt: “Simple Esthetic Orthodontics for Adults”               Price: $109


10. Dr. John Hendy: "Lasers in Orthodontics"                                                      Price: $109


11. Dr. Edmund Liem:                                                                                               Price: $109
 "Collecting Orthodontic Records: A Team Approach"


12. Dr. Steve Galella:                                                                                          Not Available
"Advanced Growth Guidance and Facial Development Appliances"


13.  Dr. Cary Fraser & Dr. Kenneth Lee:                                                                   Price: $99
"Functional Treatment for Patients: Getting Started and Advancing Your Education"


14. Dr. Terry Dischinger:                                                                                            Price: $109
"Thirty Years of Herbst Treatment in my Practice… Now AdvanSync 2… Why?"


15. Dr. Alvin Cardona - Spanish language session -                                             Price: $99
“The Importance of Comprehensive Knowledge of Orthodontics for the General Dentist Practicing Orthodontics and Orthopedics” (Importancia del Conocimiento Ortodontico Comprehensivo para el Dentista General que Practica Ortopedia y Orthdoncia)