2013 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Universal City, CA - April 2013

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IAO 2013 Annual Meeting - Full DVD Set                                                      Price: $599


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1. Dr. Derek Mahony:                                                                                         Price: $189
“Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment in the Mixed Dentition”


2. Dr. Partha Boruah:                                                                                          Price: $69



3. Drs. Kenneth Lau and Joseph Perry:                                                          Price: $79 “Occlusion Supported A-Position”


4. Dr. Steve Olmos:                                                                                              Price: $109

“Why Physicians are Asking Dentists to Provide Orthodontic Care for Apnea”


5. Dr. Hajjaj Al-Hajjaj:                                                                                        Price: $109

"Development and Surgical Approaches in Orthodontics.
How to
Achieve the Most Predictable Results”


6. Dr. Duane Keller:                                                                                             Price: $109
"TMJ Orthodontics or Orthodontics to Stable Upper Quadrant Relationships"


7. Session created by Dr. William Buckley,                                                  Price: $189
    presented by Dr. John Baar & Dr. Milt Pedrazzi:
“Assistants Course for Comprehensive Tracing, Bolton & Chu Analysis
and Arch Length Discrepancy"


8. Dr. Edmund Lipskis:                                                                                        Price: $99
 “Surgical Cases Treated Non-Surgically”


9. Dr. Tarek El-Bialy:                                                                                            Price: $99
“Treatment Planning of Difficult Cases Using Clear Aligners”


10. Dr. Steve Galella                                                                                           Price: $99

“Introduction to Express Smiles  Accelerated Cosmetic Orthodontics”


11. Dr. Tom Mulligan:                                                                                         Price: $189
"Common Sense Mechanics in Everyday Orthodontics”


12. Dr. Cris Simmons:                                                                                          Price: $109
“Temporomandibular Disorders, Mythology or Science?”


13. Drs. Runar Johnson, Merle Loudon and Thai Nguyen:                     Price: $189

1. “The Importance of Occlusion in Balancing the Neuromuscular System”
2. “The Origin and Development of Malocclusions"
3. “The Many Advantages of Vertical Dimension-Primary Molar Build-ups and Early
      Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment in Children”


14. Dr. Coco Garcia:                                                                                          Price: $189
“Treatment Protocols for Class II and Class III Mixed and Adults”


15. Dr. Skip Truitt:                                                                                                 Price: $109
“Invisible Orthopedics and Orthodontics”


16. Dr. Terrance Spahl:                                                                                      Price: $99

“The SSV: Spahl Split Vertical Eruption Acceleration Appliance System”


17. Drs. Cary Fraser and Kenneth Lee:                                                          Price: $109

“The A-Z of Orthodontics in a General Dental Practice for 2013 and Beyond”