2012 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Puerto Rico - April 2012


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IAO 2012 Annual Meeting - Full DVD Set                                   Price: $599


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1. Dr. Derek Mahony:                                                                   Price: $179
"Review of Treatment Modalities for the Over Closed Vertical Dimension, i.e. Correcting Deep Overbites and Improving Brachyfacial Profiles"


2. Dr. Stephen Howard:                                                                 Price: $69
"Transverse Width Development in the Early Mixed Dentition"


3. Dr. Tom Hughes:                                                                         Price: $79

"Making Straightwire Therapy Easier To Do"


4. Ms. Fallon Fioroni:                                                                       Price: $79

"The Importance of the Dental Assistant in Early Ortho Treatment & Airways"


5. Dr. Bulmario Gonzalez                                                             Price: $79
Successfully Achieving Your Diplomate"


6. Dr. Diana Germain:                                                                     Price: $69

"Anterior Tooth Wear… Is it Time for an Orthodontic Intervention"


7. Dr. Duane Grummons:                                                             Price: $179
Orthodontic & Restorative Triumphs” & “TMD & Orthodontics – Sense and Nonsense and Diagnosis and Timing of Functional Appliances"


8. Dr. G. Dave Singh:                                                                       Price: $99
Epigenetic Orthodontics"


9. Dr. Christopher Kesling:                                                           Price: $179
"Anchorage Control & Bite Opening Using a Modified Edgewise Achwire Slot Design"


10. Dr. John Remmers:                                                                Price: $179
"Sleep Apnea: The Dentist, The Physician, & A Most Common Disease"


11. Drs. Brian Billard & Ken Gasper :                                          Price: $179
"Providing Orthodontics Without Being an Einstein: A Beginners Course Introducing Orthodontics Into Your General Practice”


12. Dr. Dennis Strokon:                                                                  Price: $79
"A.L.F.: The Cranio-Facial Appliance"


13. Dr. Skip Truitt:                                                                           Price: $99
"Nasal Respiration & Correct Tongue Function"


14. Dr. Martha Rich:                                                                        Price: $69
"A Missing Key to Orthodontic Diagnosis"


15. Dr. Richmond Cheng:                                                               Price: $79
"Orthodontic Case Finishing & Retention: An Overview & A Challenge"


16. Dr. Daniel Chow:                                                                       Price: $79
"The Restorative Dentistry & Orthodontics Connection"


17. Dr. Alvin Cardona: "TMJ Orthodontics" (sp)                         Price: $79


18. Dr. Michael Wilkerson: "Early Class III Correction"             Price: $69


19. Dr. Rick DePaul: "PowerProx Six Month Braces®"             Price: $99


20.  Dr. Terrance Spahl:                                                                 Price: $99
"Orthodontics of the Future Based on the Evidence of Today"


21. Dr. Bill Buckley:                                                                       Price: $179
"How to Make Case Finishing a Part of Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Order to Eliminate the Need for Permanent Retention"


22. Dr. Frank Celenza:                                                                 Price: $179
"Seeking Interdisciplinary Excellence"


23. Dr. Steve Galella:                                                                      Price: $79
Twenty years of Controlled Arch® A Definitive Update"


24. Dr. “CoCo” Garcia:                                                                    Price: $79
"The Latest in Adult Treatment Planning" (sp)


25. Dr. Ed Jones:                                                                             Price: $89
"A Common Sense 3-D Treatment Planning Model for Orthodontics"


26. Dr. Ari Masters:                                                         Price: Not Available
"Big, Beautiful Smiles & Beautiful Faces..."


27. Ms. Aydee Gomez:                                                                    Price: $49
"A New Paradigm Shift in the Contemporary Dental Assistant" (tpb)