2011 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Scottsdale, AZ - April 2011


1. Dr. Derek Mahony:                                                                   Price: $179
"Control of the High Angle Malocclusion"


2. Dr. Anthony Ancell:                                                                     Price: $69
"Ortho-Postural Dentistry"


3. Dr. Daniel Chow:                                                                         Price: $79

"The Restorative Dentistry & Orthodontics Connection"


4. Dr. Tom Hughes & Mike Lowry:                                                Price: $79

"How to Prepare & Present Cases for IAO Tier Advancement"


5. Dr. Mark Paschen                                                                     Price: $69
"Increase Your Orthodontic Productivity - Pearls They Never Told You"


6. Dr. Jay Gerber:  No Longer Available  

"Excellence in Orthodontic Case Finishing - Fine Tuning the Best"

7. Dr. Steve Galella:                                                                        Price: $99
"From the General Dentist's Point of View -  How to Successfully Incorporate Orthodontics, TMD & Facial Beauty Into Your Practice"


8. Dr. Bill Buckley:                                                                            Price: $99
Concepts in Comprehensive Orthodontics"


9. Dr. "Coco" Garcia:                                                                       Price: $89
"Diagnosis & Timing of Functional Appliances"


10. Dr. John Remmers:                                                                  Price: $89
"Treating Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances: Problems / Possibilities"


11. Dr. Phillip Pistolas:                                                                    Price: $89
"What is Functional Ortho & Why You Should Treat Every Case This Way"


12. Dr. Marcin Dolecki:                                                                    Price: $79
"How the Whole Body Affects Orthodontic Treatment and Finishing"


13. Ms. Penny Tremblay:                                                                Price: $79
"Relationship Strategies for the Dental Office"


14. Drs. Bill Buckley & David Forlano:                                           Price: $79
"Hands-On Light Force"


15. Dr. Tom Mulligan:                                                                    Price: $179
"Who Does Your Thinking? You or Your Appliance?"


16. Ms. Rosemary Bray:                                                                 Price: $99
"Extraordinary Service - A Dental & Ortho Necessity!"


17. Dr. Brian Allman:                                                                       Price: $99
"Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity: Is Dentistry to Blame?"


18. Dr. Noshir Mehta:                                                                     Price: $89
"Maxillo Mandibular Biologic Interrelationships:
Evidence Based Tips for the Diagnosis and Management of Head, Neck & Face Pain"


19. Dr. Skip Truitt:                                                                           Price: $99
"Integrating Maxilofacial Orthopedics & TMD Therapy into Your Ortho Practice"


20.  Dr. Jamison Spencer:                                                              Price: $99
"The Dentist's Role in the Diagnosis and Treatment of OSA & Snoring"


21. Dr. Manjit Singh:                                                                       Price: $99
"How to Make Functional Appliances Function for You - A Key to Diagnosis"


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