2010 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Clearwater, FL - April 2010


1. Dr. Derek Mahony:                                                                   Price: $179
"Decisions, Dilemmas and Dramas in the Dignosis and Treatment of

 Class II Mallocclusions"


2. Vernon Kruger:                                                                           Price: $49
"How to Treat Growing Patients for Lifetime Esthetics"


3. Dr. Richard Beistle:                                                                     Price: $69

"Sassouni-Plus, the 21st Century Archial Analysis"


4. Dr. Adrian Palencar:                                                                   Price: $49

"Clinical Applications of Temporary Anchorage Devices"


5. Mr. Gale Stoner                                                                         Price: $49
"Three Disciplines for Business Excellence"


6. Drs. John & Mike Mew:                                                               Price: $89

"Thoughts on the Cause and Cure of Malocclusion"


7. Dr. L. Hurston Anderson:                                                         Price: $149
"Thriving in Difficult Economic Times"


8. Mr. Gale Stoner:                                                                          Price: $49
Turning Teamwork Into Teams That Work"


9. Drs. John & Mike Mew:                                                               Price: $69
"Cause and Cure of Malocclusion" & "Making Orthopedics Work"


10. Dr. Grant Bowbeer:                                                                  Price: $69
"Effective Orthodontic Diagnosis Based on Facial Esthetics and Proper TMJ Function"


11. Dr. Terrance Spahl:                                                                  Price: $69
"Why You Must Absolutely Have Functionals"


12. Ms. Rose Nierman:                                                                   Price: $69
"Successful Medical Insurance for Dentistry & Physician Referrals"


13. Dr. CoCo Garcia:                                                                       Price: $69
"Treatment of Class II Div II Adults"


14. Dr. Michael Champagne:                                                          Price: $89
"Achieving Success in Your Clinical Practice"


15. Dr. Richard Conlin:                                                                  Price: $109
"Advanced Edgewise Appliance and Light Forces"


16. Dr. Thomas Hughes:                                                                 Price: $89
"Simplifying Straightwire Therapy"


17. Dr. Yosh Jefferson:                                                                  Price: $89
"We Have the Power to Heal and Free the Human Spirit to Soar"


18. Dr. Steven Olmos:                                                                     Price: $99
"Advanced Orthodontics Phase II for Craniofacial Pain and OSA"


19. Mr. Gale Stoner"The Power of Commitment"                    Price: $99


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