2009 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Louisville, KY - April 2009


1. Dr. James Poyak:                                                                        Price: $49
"Utopia: Making Interceptive Treatment Easy / Utility Arch Wire"


2. Dr. Roy Carlson:                                                                          Price: $49
"Biomechanics of Tooth Movement"


3. Drs. Ron Schefdore & Kevin Boyd                                          Price: $99
"Braces & Blood Screening in the Dental Office"


4. Dr. Mark Ackerman:                                                                 Price: $159
"Enhancement Orthodontics: Theory & Practice"


5. Drs. Ron Austin & Charles Young:                                          Price: $159
"There's a Whole Lot of Tip-Edge Going On"


6. Drs. Dominador Dacanay, Gamaliel Urbi, Alfredo Valera:     Price: $99

"Various Treatment Modalities for Challenging Asian Cases"


7. Dr. Maridin C Munda-Lacson:                                                    Price: $49
"Ortho Charting: Guide to Simplify Your Diagnosis
  & Treatment Planning"


8. Dr. Thomas Hughes:                                                                   Price: $49
The Nuts and Bolts of IAO Tier Advancement"


9. Dr. Mike Lowry:                                                                           Price: $49
"Diagnosis & Treatment of Class III Cases Using a Non-Surgical Approach"


10. Dr. Derek Mahony:                                                                 Price: $159
"Decisions, Dilemas, and Dramas in the Diagnosis
and Treatment of Class III Malocclusions"


11. Dr. Skip Truitt:                                                                         Price: $159
"The Latest Diagnostic Techniques and Appliances"


12. Dr. Chris Kesling:                                                                       Price: $79
"Tip-Edge PlusAdvantage: Using Differential Tooth
 Movement to Simplify Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics"


13. Dr. Thomas Nabors:                                                                 Price: $79
"Personalized Medicine: The New Paradigm for Periodontal Disease"


14. Dr. Marc Saadia:                                                                       Price: $79
"Treating Children in the Primary & Mixed Dentitions:

 At What Age Should Orthopedic Treatment Mechanics"


15. Dr. G Dave Singh:                                                                      Price: $79
"The Genetics of Orthodontic Tooth Movement"


16. Dr. Michael Perry:                                                                     Price: $79
"Utilization of Periodontal Procedures and Techniques
  to Enhance Esthetic Orthodontic Outcomes"


17. Dr. Jay Gerber:                                                                         Price: $59
"Improved Efficiency & Arch Wire Systems for Self-Ligating Brackets"


18. Dr. Adrian Palencar:                                                                 Price: $49
"Comparative Analysis of Two Temporary Anchorage Devices"


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