2005 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Long Beach, CA - April 2005


1. Dr. Derek Mahony:                                                                      Price: $99
“The Skeletal Anchorage System in Orthodontics”



2. Dr. Tom Murray:                                                                          Price: $79
“Energize Your Arch Development”



3. Dr. Edmund Liem                                                                       Price: $79
“Digital Dental Photography for the Beginner”



4. “PANEL DISCUSSION”:                                                               Price: $99
with Drs. Rondeau, Mahony and Galella



5. Dr. Michael K. Wilkerson                                                          Price: $99
“Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment” (te)



6. Dr. Jose Flores                                                                          Price: $99
“Treatment of Phase 1 in Mixed Dentition” 


7. Drs. Austin & Cronin                                                                 Price: $99
“Fact or Fiction in Orthodontics”(te)



8. Dr. Gordon:                                                                                  Price: $99
“New Concepts and Innovations in Ortho Diagnostic Technology”    



9. Mary Byers:                                                                                  Price: $99
“Managing Conflict in the Office so that it Doesn’t Manage You” (a)


10. Dr. Alvin Cordona:                                                                     Price: $99
“Early Treatment Orthodontics”



11. Dr. Edmund Liem:                                                                     Price: $79
“Digital Dental Photography for Int. and Advanced”



12. Dr. Sylvan Morein:                                                                    Price: $79
“Tip-Edge”: The Gegg Component” (te)



13. Dr. Jin Song:                                                                              Price: $79
“New Paradigms in Orthodontics”



14. Dr. Sage White                                                                        Price: $99
“Sleep Disorders: What You Must Know” 


15. Dr. Matkovik:                                                                             Price: $99
"Ortho Commandments & Correct Bracket Placement”   


16. Dr. Tim Cronin:                                                                          Price: $99
“Incorporating Straight Wire Mechanics with Begg Based Kesling Philosophy” 


17. Dr. A. Korrodi Ritto:                                                                  Price: $99
“Skeletal Anchorage System & the Ritto-Appliance”  


18. Dr. A. Korrodi Ritto:                                                                  Price: $99
“The Ritto-Appliance & When, Why & How to Treat Class II Malocclussions"  


19. Ms. Serena Eddy:                                                                        Price: $99
“Impressive Records: What Makes A Practice Perfect”  


20. Dr. Barbara Bimler-Rhodes                                                        Price: $99
“The Bimler Philosophy and Method” 


21. Dr. Richard Greenan:                                                                  Price: $99

“Excellence in Dental, Cephalometric & TMJ Radiology

 with a Radiographic Protocol For Upper Airway Analysis”


22. Dr. Andrea Deregibus:                                                                Price: $99
“The FGB System: A Family of Appliances for

 Orthodontics & Gnathological Corrections"   


23. Ms. Paula Allen-Noble:                                                                Price: $99
"Close Encounters with Class II Correctors:  The Herbst & MARA" (a)  


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