2004 IAO Annual Meeting
Held in Savannah, GA - April 2004


1. Drs. Gavin James & Dennis Strokon:                                        Price: $99
"An Introduction to A.L.F. Theory, Cranial Function and Malocclusion"



2. Dr. Steven Olmos:                                                                       Price: $99
"Comprehensive and State of the Art Treatment for TMD/Craniofacial Pain"



3. Dr. Derek Mahony:                                                                   Price: $99
"Uprighting Molars Utilizing Efficient Biomechanics"



4. Dr. Richard Conlin:                                                                      Price: $99
"Light Force Orthodontics in Practice" (te)



5. Mr. Richard Greenan:                                                                 Price: $99
"Excellence in TMJ and Cephalometric Radiology"



6. Dr. Richard Conlin:                                                                      Price: $99
"Dick's Classroom" and "Help the Poor Struggler" (te)


7. Dr. Edmund Liem:                                                                        Price: $99
"Consistency & Quality in Digital Photographic Records
    for the Orthodontic and TMD Practice"                                                           



8. Dr. Billie Wilson:                                                                           Price: $99
"Simplified Class II, III Correction in the Mixed & Early Adult Dentition" 



9. Dr. Tim Cronin:                                                                            Price: $99
"Tip-Edge®: The Ultimate Begg/Straight Wire Appliance" (te)


10. Dr. Clifton Simmons III:                                                           Price: $99
"Stable Orthodontic Finishing of the TMD Patient"



11. Dr. Ron Austin:                                                                          Price: $99
"Nuts, Bolts and Sidewinders" (te)



12. Dr. Jay Gerber:                                                                         Price: $99
"Orthodontic Case Finishing: Avoiding the Pitfalls"



13. Dr. Steve Galella:                                                                      Price: $99
"The Why and How of Controlled Arch® with the Focus
    on Facial Beauty - Patient Based Orthodontics"



14. Dr. Brendan Stack:                                                                   Price: $99
"What All Orthodontic Providers Should Know to Prevent TMJ Problems
   from Adversely Affecting Their Orthodontic Results" 


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