AATIA Live Recording
September 25, 2010 - Austin, TX


1. Xose Castro:                                                              Price: $99
"English-Spanish Translation Conundrums"


4 Disc DVD set - 8 Hour Presentation

In this interactive hands-on workshop, Spanish translator, editor, grammarian and presenter extraordinaire Xosé Castro guides participants in resolving problems frequently encountered by English-to-Spanish translators, especially those working in the United States, looking in particular at what rules of Spanish grammar and usage are applicable and when it is not only acceptable but desirable to break those rules in the interests of effective communication.

Although this workshop is aimed mainly at translators of English to Spanish, translators of Spanish to English will benefit from Xosé’s prodigious knowledge of the Spanish language and his precise explanations of the finer points of Spanish grammar and usage.

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Presenter: Xosé Castro is an English>Spanish technical translator and localization specialist based in Madrid, Spain, whose work also includes writing, dubbing, and subtitling for television and film. He has taught translation courses and seminars for T&I programs in Spain and has spoken at numerous international workshops and conferences on a variety of translation topics, including software and website localization, movie script translation, writing in neutral Spanish, and proofreading. Among many other distinctions, he is the creator of the online help for the
CD-ROM version of the Diccionario de la Real Academia Española
Xosé Castro Xosé Castro returns to Austin on Sept. 25th